Tracking Transportation Ballot Measures in the U.S.

Capture_7-17The Center for Transportation Excellence (CTE) is tracking transportation ballot measures throughout the U.S. this year.  CTE data reveal that, not surprisingly, most ballot initiatives over the past three years have passed. In 2012, 49 out of 62 measures passed.  In 2013, 11 out of 15 measures passed.  And in 2014, 42 out of 61 measures passed.  So what’s the record so far in 2015? Just above .500, meaning that 9 measures have passed while 8 have failed.  As is usually the case, measures that pass usually do so by a wide margin (≈70/30) while ones that fail usually do so by a very close one (≈48/52).  The $7.5 billion transit package in Vancouver that I wrote about last week is unquestionably the biggest tax increase package that failed while the $250 million bond package in Atlanta appears to be the largest successful initiative so far this year. Stay tuned, as many more initiatives will likely take place this November.


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